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      4. 歡迎訪問天津·北辰經濟技術開發區官方網站
          Brief Introduction of Development Area
          about us

          Tianjin Beichen Economic and Technological Development Area (BEDA) was founded in July 1992 in the northern section of Tianjin central area, with a total planned area of 85 square kilometers, and has become an important hub in the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, making it an ideal destination of resources and projects from Beijing. Under the correct leadership of the local CPC Committee and governmental leaders, BEDA worked actively to create favorable environment and conditions for industrial transformation, to accelerate the local development. It spares no efforts to promote the introduction and development of key projects and keep improving its coordination capacity, through which BEDA has won high popularity and increasing regional influence. With the stead...


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